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My work colleagues and I decided to join the KawaiiPH Market and sell some of our art. Being the bookworm that I am, I decided to design some bookmarks! It was my first time doing this kind of thing and there was a lot of procrastination involved. In the end, the event was a success and I enjoyed it a lot!

Here are some of the bookmarks I made. I’m sure my fellow bookworms can relate to some of these!

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I’m an artist by profession and I think I ended up being too pantone-crazy. The black ones are still my personal favorite though.

Overall this was a great experience and I might design more bookmarks and other fandom-related things in the future!


P.S. If you’re interested in buying some, do email me at!


2015 Amends

I’ve been a very, very bad book blogger lately. Not only as a book blogger but also as a bookworm in general. I’ve been under a reader’s block, partially because this great evil called videogames lured me into a dark, dark place. But alas, I am back! I apologize for my long absence and lack of reviews. Thankfully, the dawn of the new year brought me back to the light and I’m back to my old reading ways, so expect more reviews and more activity from me starting today.

Now, if you may excuse me… I have books to devour.

My First Book Depository Experience

One of every bookworm’s worst nightmares is not finding a certain book in your area, or worse–in your country. And sometimes, e-books just aren’t enough. This was exactly what happened to me, so I turned to Book Depository. I’ve known about it for ages but I’ve never really bothered availing its services. For one, I just can’t wait that long to get a book, second, most of the books I want are available in Fully Booked (a local bookstore)–until one wasn’t. For some reason, Fully Booked didn’t have Joe Abercrombie’s Half A King. And by “didn’t” I meant they never had it and probably never will. Which in my opinion is absurd because, hello, it’s Joe Abercrombie! I desperately wanted a copy because I wanted to gift it to someone for his birthday (he’s been looking for it for ages), so I finally gave in and tried Book Depository.

Half a King

I’ll admit, the experience wasn’t perfect. The original 7-10 business days shipping (as stated in their site) didn’t push through and I was on a deadline. I had to get the book before my friend’s birthday. Three days after I sent my order (the book was available according to their site), it still hasn’t been dispatched. So, finally, I decided to contact them for help–and I have to say, their customer support system is beyond commendable. Their customer advisor, May Sherif, was very attentive and they don’t send “template” replies. They really answered my every mail. When my order still didn’t arrive after a week, they decided to dispatch another copy for me!


After a few days, my book finally arrived. It was in pristine condition and came with a bookmark. In the end, my first Book Depository experience turned out to be a very pleasant one. I’d definitely buy from them again!




Changes: erikaonthemove is now erikalovestoread!

After much contemplation and after realizing how majority of my posts concern book reviews–I’ve decided to turn this into a full book blog. I’ve decided to create a different blog as an outlet for my other adventures, but one where I’ve decided to post in anonymity.

From now on, erikalovestoread will be focusing on book-related topics, may it be reviews, frustrations, or random discoveries. I look forward to meeting fellow book bloggers, casual readers, and just about anyone who enjoys reading as much as I do. I’ve also changed my blog layout and categories to enable easier viewing and navigation. Happy reading to all of us!

book quotes

The Great Conundrum: Ebook VS Book

One of the most exhausted debates among casual readers and bookworms alike is the Book VS EBook conundrum. Of course, nothing beats the experience of reading an actual book–the smell, the flipping of every page, watching the spine acquire creases of love, marking the page where you left off with your favorite bookmark, the list goes on. I love books and I love to read, but I am not a purist. I embrace technology and I love Ebooks as well. Does this make me any less of a bookworm? I would like to think not. So, instead of arguing relentlessly why one is better than the other, I’ve decided to list down the reasons why I love both of them.


  • There is something about going to your favorite bookstore to browse and pick out the book you want personally. It feels intimate. I feel a different kind of silent rush whenever I walk across the shelves of a bookstore, scanning every spine and every title to see what I’m looking for. And when you see it, ah, the glee. And when you don’t, the sadness. Sometimes you chance upon a title that captures your interest and you end up finding a gem unintentionally. It’s like a process of hide and seek and courtship that only people like us would understand.
  • Seeing my beloved books on my shelf brings me a strange happiness. It’s a pleasure to see my collection grow before me. Call me weird but I even get separation anxiety sometimes. Whenever I lend a book, seeing its empty place on my bookshelf gives me a sense of longing–and the simple satisfaction I feel when it’s returned to its home… oh please tell me I’m not the only one like this?
  • The pleasure of reading it is different. I don’t know if I can even explain it. It feels more when you read a book. As I’ve mentioned before, the smell, the physical feeling of turning the pages, of watching the paper brown as time goes by, seeing how far you are along the story by judging the thickness of the pages left… Can I ever really explain it? It’s like trying to describe why it feels so nice to read when it’s raining. It just is.


  • Convenience would be the most obvious and important reason. My iPad contains more books than my bookshelf, ready to be opened and read whenever and wherever I wish. I think it’s brilliant how I can carry so much stories in one gadget. Ebooks make reading so easy whenever you’re on the move, traveling, or whenever you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you’re needed to wait a long time without expecting to. I’m always afraid of bringing a printed book when going abroad because it might get battered beyond recognition. Ebooks are providential that way.
  • With Ebooks, I can highlight quotes and bookmark endlessly. I can never muster the courage to actually use a highlighter on my books, poor babies. But with iBooks I can highlight and mark a quote that captures me as I read, then go back to it later whenever I wish, or to copy it.
  • Darkness can’t stop me from reading. My iPad has its own light so even if it’s dark, or if I share a room with someone who doesn’t want the lights on, or even a blackout, I can read until my battery dies.

See, I believe you don’t have to reject one in order to love the other. Both have their charms. How about you? Which one do you prefer? Or do you love them both like me?