About Erika

I’m a twenty-something Asian girl, an artist by profession, sometimes a gamer, always a reader.  When I’m not doing those things, you’d probably find me taking photos of all things but me, traveling, making a fool of myself trying out activities I have absolutely no background in, solving puzzles, eating, cooking, sometimes baking, writing out my not-so-teenage angst, or basically doing something weird and strange.

But fear not, for you will hear none of that, because this blog is all about my passion for books and reading. I hope to share with you my thoughts about stories I’ve read and stories I want to read, sometimes I might even warn you to stay away from terrible ones. I enjoy book conversations just as much as reading them so please do drop me a message on whichever way you wish to.

Here’s to books, to reading, and to good conversations.


Happy reading!


You can also find me on Twitter @kaerisyl, and on Instagram @kaerisyl. You can also find me on Goodreads, just check my sidebar for information.


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