Still Point by Katie Kacvinsky (Awaken #3)

4 Stars

I’ve been staring at my screen for a while now, tears still damp on my cheeks, trying to figure out how to write this review.  I haven’t cried over a book and haven’t been in this state of both bittersweet heartache and contentment since  Please Ignore Vera Dietz. In this trilogy ender, Maddie’s story has finally come to a Still Point.

First of all I would like to thank the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book. I’ve always loved the Awaken series and it is truly an honor. Still Point, how do I even start? I read this book in three hours, no breaks, no standing, nothing—and the emotional aftermath is still with me as I write this.

“Life is supposed to be a risk. It’s written everywhere around us. We are meant to take chances. We are meant to explode and shatter and spiral. Even if we break, we’ll come back to a still point.”

Still Point is a very satisfying ending to a series that has captured me from book one, although I must admit the closing chapters felt a bit abrupt and too rushed in terms of how the events played out. In this final installment, Maddie and Justin face the final battle against Digital School. I think, the core of this book is about making decisions and realizations about ourselves that we never even knew about. Things happen, people change, and we learn that choices we once thought we made aren’t always our final ones. This book left me heartbroken, contented, satisfied and sad all at the same time. I am pretty sure fans will end up feeling the same way as well once they finish this.

I don’t want to say anything that might spoil the story but I think the final words of the book summed it up perfectly, justifying it in a way that I cannot argue with. Not all people will like how this story ends but how can you hate something if it ended right? As for me, I accepted it for what it was and relished the end of a good series. Let’s just put it this way—life happens the least way we expect it, in ways that shape us into who we are, into who we will be, and sometimes we end up somewhere we never expected to be in but that’s how life is. If this series has taught us anything, it’s that life is meant to be experienced. Never settle for anything less.

“Our fingers have spaces between them, just like life, and things fall through. Part of my life was ending so a new part could begin. But first you have to let go. You have to open your fingers and let slip.”

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: September 2, 2014

“There is something else you need to know about this book. As of right now, STILL POINT is scheduled as an Ebook only release (I’m talking about the US edition). Yes, this means it will only be available to read in a digital format.”
–Katie Kacvinsky

Can you believe this? Apparently, the print sales of Middle Ground didn’t do very well (rest assured, the eBooks have been strong) so they’ve put printing on hold for this one. THIS IS MADDIE’S WORST NIGHTMARE! I just can’t imagine how a series like Matched gets printed to the end and this won’t! I won’t stand for this! But we can help! Check the author’s website ( on how we can push this book to print.

My Goodreads Review

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7 thoughts on “Still Point by Katie Kacvinsky (Awaken #3)”

  1. Hi, i already read this book and i agree with your review, eventough the ending break my heart but i somehow understand why she choose to end it that way, it’s still an amazing series, and can’t bring me to hate this book in particular or the series because it so inspiring and i think it’s my fave series 🙂
    i wrote my review on goodreads too,but pretty much just my rambling about their relationship :p

    1. Hi! I’d love to see your review, care to share your Goodreads link? =)

      Also, I agree with you. This ending broke my heart but I couldn’t bring myself to hate it because I still loved it. I suppose I was a bit too protective of Maddie and Justin’s relationship that it felt like THEY broke up with ME. Hahaha

  2. I’ve read the third book in my holidays, and omg I hate the end!! I can’t believe what happening and oh yes I deeply hate jax for what he did!! I don’t like this triangle relationships because they fail ever! I’m not happy about it. The part where she said that he offers her all and that he saw her real I’d throw the book to the wall and screamed loud . This couldn’t happening. I’m glad that I don’t read the book in my native language its hurtingso Bad to read the last few pages.

    1. I really envy you!!! I’d like to read this book, because Awaken is great dystopian serie, but I come from Czech republic and I can’t get the book here. I even had to download Awaken and Middle ground in the internet, because no one sell it in CZ 😦 On the other side, I don’t know, what happened at the end of the book, so I can be happy and make my own end 🙂

      1. Oh no! That’s terrible to hear… But alas, I believe Still Point was only released digitally (Ironic, I know) so you can just buy the ebook. It’s worth it I swear! The ending might have been a little bittersweet but wouldn’t it kill you to know what happened?

    2. I feel you. I was devastated practically the entire day after I read it. I felt like THEY broke up with ME! I was terribly invested in their relationship… But there was nothing I could do. =( It was the right ending but it still broke my heart all the same.

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