Enders by Lissa Price (Starters #2)

1 star

By the length of interval between the release of the first book and this one, I expected a more riveting story than this huge jumbled chaos. “Enders” was a huge, huge disappointment. I actually liked “Starters” and the idea of the story being confined to just a duology, but after finishing this I felt like I might as well have waited for nothing.

Where do I even begin? I felt like this entire book was rushed and cramped into the few pages it had. Was the author being chased by a train while writing this? Because it sure felt that way. It seemed like I was reading a long summary of an actual novel instead of reading one.

One arc came after the other without any smooth transitions. It lacked fluidity, lacked character development and world-building. I felt like some characters were thrown away to the side due to laziness for development and for convenience (Yes, I’m looking at you Tyler and Michael). The new character Hyden seemed promising but I never really got to know him either. As a reader, I want to feel invested in the characters I’m reading about, but Enders failed to do that. To me they were just names in the story. I felt no connection at all, and that is a one big failure in character development. The ending offered a so-so resolution but it really didn’t feel satisfying. There wasn’t enough explanation or back story given to explain the past further. Like, the Spore Wars, the Middles, what really happened to the world. I was confined to Callie’s world and hers alone. Everything was boxed in. And speaking of Callie, she seemed like she got lost in translation while this novel was being written. She just wasn’t strong enough a character for me to really root for. I mean, Katniss was flawed and can be really annoying but you could understand where she was coming from and you’d still root for her even if you don’t like her. For Callie, she’s not exactly someone you’d hate but she’s not someone you’d love either, and that’s not a good thing.

The twists were good but were not enough to compensate for the lack of everything else. This was truly a disappointing book and I’m sad to say it wasn’t worth the wait.


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