Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Divergent #3)

4 Stars

I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.

This book failed and disappointed me in so many levels that it barely deserved two stars, and yet I gave it four . Why, you ask? Because of its ending.

For followers of the Divergent series, this book was highly anticipated and the expectations were high. Unfortunately, for me, Allegiant was the weakest installment of the trilogy . It started weak and grew weaker every chapter. When the end of Insurgent opened the premise of an outside world, I got excited and I expected something big like Maze Runner’s to be revealed. I was waiting for a bigger plot, a bigger picture, a greater explanation for everything… Allegiant gave a bigger picture and an explanation, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted to be contented with it, but it just wasn’t big big enough. The world-building was terrible and was a huge downgrade from Divergent. The split POVs between Tris and Tobias also failed miserably for me. There wasn’t enough character and enough individuality from their voices that it was almost hard to differentiate them sometimes. I had to flip back pages and recheck the name just to make sure whose POV I was reading. I was actually looking forward to reading from Tobias’ point of view but I just ended up being let down. I was reading from his POV but I still couldn’t connect with him. There was a lack of personality and character. It lacked that transparency that allows readers to empathize and actually feel like you’re seeing through that character’s eyes. It also left so many things unsolved about Tris’s divergence. Why was she immune to serums? What made her different and special from other Divergents? These were only among the many questions that were left unanswered at the end of the novel.

Sometimes, all it takes to save people from a terrible fate is one person willing to do something about it.

You might’ve noticed I’ve written mostly negative things, so why did I give this book four stars? It’s because Veronica Roth had enough guts to actually write THAT ending. A dystopian world is dystopian for a reason. In war, there’s blood, there’s ruin, sometimes there’s also love, but mostly there is death. No real war is without death and important casualties. The author dared to defy young adult norm and decided to tread the road less traveled by. For taking this route, I believe Veronica Roth deserves four claps for this trilogy conclusion.

I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.


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