Middle Ground by Katie Kacvinsky (Awaken #2)

4 Stars

You could sit around and wait for life to happen or you could get busy and make it happen yourself.

Although I’ve read this the first week it came out, I never realized I forgot to post a review about it until now, so here it goes.

I waited for this since I finished Awaken last year and it was well worth the agony. Awaken is one of my favorite dystopians because it’s more grounded to reality. I think what makes it good is that it’s so close to what’s happening right now that it can arrive upon us any day if we don’t do anything about it.

“Then who are we really?” I wondered. “At the end of the day, with the lights off, all alone, which of those personalities that we take on and off are real?

Middle Ground did not disappoint. I think it’s even a step up from its predecessor. There are so many modern heroines in young adult novels these days: Tris, Katniss, the list goes on. They’re all very strong, flawed at the right places, they’re characters you’d want to root for. But Maddie is a different kind altogether. Her strength is not similar to other heroines… I think, to the very core, she’s probably stronger.

Her willpower and resilience is just astounding. This entire book was a proof of that. I just cannot believe the kind of torture she went through here. I know how it is to live in a world filled with technology. I’m surrounded by it everyday and my generation is wired to it. The kind of tests and isolation Maddie experienced here is beyond any physical struggle other heroines have undergone. It’s pure, absolute torture. A cruelty so harsh that it can make you hate, down to the very substance, the things you love most. I can only imagine the kind of trauma Maddie’s experience can cause a person. I truly felt for her during her darkest hours, and I think that’s what makes her character so great.

Letting go is easy. Anyone can do that. Love is fighting for someone to stay. That’s what takes work. I know that now. I used to think I was better off alone, but alone is the worst place to be.

Kudos to Katie Kacvinsky for being able to create such deep characters, not just Maddie, but almost all of them. I truly believe this series is too underrated and I think more people should read it., especially my generation. Why? Because it rings so true. Underneath the modern dystopian setting are real human problems we’re encountering everyday.

I can’t wait for the third book and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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