The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (Maze Runner #2)

 4 Stars

Wicked is good.

To be given hope and then have that cruelly taken away in the blink of an eye. Everything is just a part of a bigger game.

When they’d settled into bed last night, everything had seemed good and safe. Yeah, maybe this was worse, to have that suddenly taken away.

In Scorch, we finally get to see the outside world and how bad The Flare got Earth. This book was filled with death and suffering. Readers who grew to love and empathize with the main characters, reading Scorch Trials can be a little difficult. The Gladers’ sufferings just wouldn’t end! I felt their desperation and their hardships, but I also felt their determination and ceaseless hope. It’s hard not to admire them for their resilience and strength, which is why I understood why they were chosen.

I remember their comments about the Changing on Maze Runner, about how The Glade was so much better than the real world, and somehow I agree. The harshness of the outside world was nowhere near the threat of the Grievers. But of course, they’ll have to come out eventually.

They’re more of the “The end justifies the means” kind of people. Their goal is good, but their methods are just wrong.

During The Gladers’ journey across the Scorch and how much betrayal Thomas had experienced, it’s so easy to expect them to give up. Yet they didn’t. These are definitely some strong characters and it’s impossible not to like them.

The most difficult part of their journey was probably all the Betrayal. You just can’t trust anyone. Everyone and anyone around you can be working for Wicked and Thomas always had to keep that in mind amidst all their sufferings.


They just had to go, to move, to do. That was it.

Will there really ever be a cure?
Can Teresa really be trusted?
Can the human race be saved?
When will this game ever end?

I guess we’ll just have to find out.

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