Fragments by Dan Wells (Partials #2)

4 Stars

I used to think the world was worse for what we’ve done, both our species, but out here I don’t think the world even cares who we are. Or were. We came and went, and life goes on, and the land that was always here before us will still be here after we’re dead and gone. Birds will still fly. Rain will still fall. The world didn’t end, it just reset.

Wow. Wow. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again. Partials Sequence is one of the best recent dystopian/science fiction series out there. And it sucks that it’s not getting enough attention from the mainstream readers because it’s just great.

Fragments definitely lived up to Partials, if not even better. This is how dystopian books should be like! The world-building in Partials was great, but Fragments was even more superb. The world in this novel was so realistic, so plausible, so tangible and so easy to imagine. Twists just kept on coming. The book was filled with action but it wasn’t chaotic. We get to see more of Marcus and apparently, like everyone else in this book, he’s a character of substance. We also get to travel with Kira, Samm and Heron, adding further development to their already complex characters. Kira is the perfect epitome of a modern dystopian heroine. She’s like Katniss 2.0, only more likable, more complex and more badass. Her transition from Partials’ brave medic into Fragments’ action heroine was just wow. Is there anything not to like in this girl? Samm also grew more emphatic and learned to assess his emotions more. I liked how he finally admitted having feelings for Kira, despite his Partial emotional limitations. He didn’t even know he was already falling in love until he was blatantly confronted about it. Blame it on the Partial genetics. Heron is another great character and I’m glad she was included in this book. She’s the Snape of Fragments. You really don’t know which side she’s on, which is great. So yes, Samm likes Kira and Kira obviously likes Samm, but what’s great about this love triangle is that it doesn’t even matter. Because Marcus, Kira and Samm don’t give a damn about it because the world is falling apart around them and they know love problems are the last thing they should probably think about, which is so realistic. I mean, you’re facing total war and apocalypse 2.0 as you know it and you’re on a mission to stop that from happening. Do you really have time to think about who you love more? Of course not. This series doesn’t even need the romance, seriously. A part of me thinks Dan Wells just added that to please those few readers who were begging for it.

Now for the twists. Where should I start? The twists were endless! After reading Partials and Isolation, I already had many theories in my notes and most of them were true. Well, partly. The great thing about this series is that it gives you enough clues and hints as to what those big reveals might be, but what’s even greater is that those big reveals have even greater twists. It’s like Dan Wells saying, “Okay, I know you’ve probably guessed that right since I practically gave that away. What you don’t know is that’s only the tiny point at the tip of the iceberg.”

You want to just march into the mainland, all alone, and find a group of Partials.”
Marcus laughed. “Who am I—Kira?”

Here are some of the twists and revelations I got right, and got wrong.


The Civilization
What I got right: Long Island wasn’t alone. There were other survivors.
What I got wrong: These survivors had children, and have the cure. HAD the cure for a long, long time.

The RM Virus
What I got right: It was caused by humans themselves to kill off the Partials, but then backfired and killed the humans instead.
What I got wrong: It was initially intended to be for the Partials, but the humans betrayed humans and modified the virus to target the human race. Crazy right? Why kill your own race? Which is why we go to:

The Cure
What I got right: They still made a cure and placed it into the Partials. My theory for this was this system was made to force the Partials and Humans to coexist. The scientists made sure they’d need each other to survive so that they’ll learn how to accept each other and live together.
What I got wrong: The scientist not only crafted this system to force the two races to coexist but to also teach humans how to become human again. Humanity was lost and they wanted to reintegrate old moral values into the society. The end justifies the means?

“Humanity will destroy itself, body and soul, before it will learn a simple lesson.”

The Trust
What I got right: Being the conspiracist that I am, I theorized that the Partials were really being led by humans.
What I got wrong: These humans also had conflicting ideas and goals. The Trust did not trust each other and are essentially against each other. I have no idea why they decided to name it The Trust. Love for Irony?

The Photo
What I got right: Nandita and Kira’s dad were part of ParaGen.
What I got wrong: They were not only members of ParaGen, they were part of The Trust! The highest in the hierarchy of the Partial obedience tree. And they were the ones who created the Partials, the cure and the RM virus.

The Failsafe
What I got right: The moment I read about the Failsafe during the early chapters, I’ve already guessed that Kira was the Failsafe. Blame it on my “Harry Potter is the last horcrux” history.
What I got wrong: She’s not the only one. So was Ariel and Isolde. This was probably one of my biggest shocks. At first I thought it was only Kira and Ariel, which was already a shock. But also Isolde? Dan Wells really has a knack for surprises.

The Purpose of the Failsafe
What I got right: Nothing.
What I got wrong: It doesn’t hold the cure for the Partials expiration. It holds the key for their total annihilation.

“Sometimes helping someone means hurting someone else—we never like it, but we have to do it because the alternative would be worse.”

After Fragments, I honestly have no idea what will happen next. None at all. So many revelations, so many twists… I don’t know what to expect. But one thing’s for sure: the third book will be explosive and I cannot wait to read it.


3 thoughts on “Fragments by Dan Wells (Partials #2)”

  1. Hi there! I skipped over your spoilers because I haven’t read Fragments yet, but I just finished posting my review of Partials and then went searching on WordPress (: I was already looking forward to the sequel, but now I’m really excited!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you loved Partials! I honestly can’t wait until the third book comes out. This series is really outdoing itself for every book!

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