Dinner at Maple


Shangri-La Plaza is one of my favorite malls. It has most of my my favorite brands, has a good cinema and (most importantly) it has a lot of restaurants. For Shang regulars, the newly constructed East Wing is shortly becoming the go-to when it comes to food and drinks. When you cross the short hall separating the West Wing from the East Wing, it’s like being transported to a totally different mall. The East Wing has slowly turned into a crossover of The Podium and Greenbelt. It hasn’t been long since it opened but it already boasts of a great selection of dining establishments: TWG, Ikkoryu Fukuoka, CBTL 26th Bistro, Gelatissimo, Johnny Rockets, Spätzle, and many others. Last night, we decided to eat dinner at Maple.



This restaurant had a “Alice in Wonderland”-ish concept. I loved how creative it was. The place mats, the interior design and even the menu all adhered to the fairytale theme. The menu titles were also given a fantasy touch. Too cute!

And now for the food:

juiceMaple Iced Tea (Php105)

I loved this drink. Their iced tea tasted like real tea with an orange twist. The serving size was very generous too.


20130719_212006Spaetzle Jambalaya (Php390)
Fresh spaetzle pasta with their own special Jambalaya sauce, topped with shrimps and Chilean mussels

This was one of their best sellers. I’ve never had spaetzle pasta before. My initial reaction was that it was pasta pretending to be rice, in a good way. It tasted like paella with a strong dash of cumin. The scent was overwhelming. The serving was good for two people.


20130719_212131The Maple Salmon Catch *grilled* (Php550)
A fresh salmon fillet, lightly seasoned and then either grilled, pan-seared or blackened to your liking,
served with Texas summer vegetables and orzo pasta

loved, loved this dish. I love salmon and this dish really satisfied me. The fish was perfectly cooked and the orzo pasta (which, again, looked like rice at first sight) was divine. At first I expected a small slice of salmon but when the plate arrived, it turned out to be a huge slab!

We only ordered two dishes but they were more than enough for the two of us. All of their servings were big. Value for money +1! We’ll definitely come back here. I’m looking forward to trying out their other dishes.

P.S. If ever you decide to eat here, there might be a queue (it’s almost always packed), so don’t forget to carry your patience bag with you. But hey, a packed restaurant means good food right?

LG/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, East Wing
(0923) 725-62-83


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