Cocina Juan

Cocina Juan

We’re blessed to live within walking proximity from the Maginhawa “Foodie” Street, and although we live so close to it, we rarely actually go there to eat. Tonight, our hunger spasm pulled us to one of the street’s original establishments: Cocina Juan. On our way there, we were surprised to see so many new cafes and restaurants scattered across the long strip. Seriously, they keep on sprouting out of nowhere like mushrooms!

Cocina Juan

Cocina Juan

I see Cocina Juan’s exterior from afar every time we go to Moonleaf but this was actually the first time I really checked it out. The ambiance was warm and cozy. It kinda reminded me of Bangkok’ Once Upon a Time.  I thought the bottle-chandeliers were really creative.


While waiting for our orders, they served us this complimentary plate of chips. This was the first time I’ve ever eaten purple corn chips and I was surprised on how good they were. Plus, I couldn’t get enough of that yummy sauce!

And now for the main courses!

Cerdo Castillo ChimichurriCerdo Castillo Chimichurri “Pork Ribs” (Php289)

First thing I have to comment on is the menu. They didn’t have captions for their dishes so it was a bit hard to choose what to order. I wish they had a short description for each item so that we would know what was in a specific dish. Lost, we decided to ask the waitress for their bestsellers instead.

The first dish was their Cerdo Castillo Chimichurri. I thought it was okay. I’ve never had chimichurri before so I really didn’t know what to expect. Honestly though, the meat badly needed seasoning. It was a bit bland. It was a good thing the serving size was huge. Seriously, a plate could feed two people.

Chuleta De CorderoChuleta De Cordero “Lamb Chops” (Php259)

Again, the serving was ginormous. I was a little shocked when this huge pile of food was served in front of me. The rice was good and the salad was pretty decent but I’m afraid the lamb chops were, like the pork ribs, severely under seasoned. I had to ask for salt just to add flavor. Cue in Gordon Ramsay: “Perfectly cooked, but badly needs seasoning. What a shame… what a shame.”

Overall, we still had a good experience. If you’re after big servings, you should totally go here. But for flavor, don’t expect too much. But hey, maybe we just had it bad (maybe the chef wasn’t feeling so good). Give it a chance, maybe you’ll be luckier than us.


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