Yesterday, we ate lunch at this New York-inspired restaurant at The Podium. I suppose the name Borough was meant to pay homage to five boroughs of New York City. I’ve never been to New York so I don’t know how restaurants there look like but the interior design of the place reminded me of the New York lofts I often see in Hollywood films.


borough bar

There were a lot of tables, couch seats and stools for diners to choose from. There was also a bar filled with various liquors. Borough is a 24/7 restaurant so I guess late-night drinkers would love this place.

soup of the day onion soupNow let’s get on with the food. For starters, we ordered Soup of the Day and French Onion Soup. Honestly, I didn’t like any of them. They only have three choices for soups, maybe I should’ve ordered the Tomato soup instead.


For my main, I ordered their NY Strip Steak. The presentation was really nice. It had a rustic appeal to it. Unfortunately, the dish itself didn’t live up to it. The taste was pretty average and for a Php890 steak, it was a huge disappointment. I love steaks and unfortunately I’ve had a lot of better steaks than this for a lot less. However, points for having my steak cooked to a perfect medium. I rarely get that. Most restaurants end up overcooking the meat to medium-well. The mashed potatoes were very good, but I’m afraid my sister wasn’t very happy with hers. She found huge chunks of potatoes on serving.

My dad, who was also a big steak eater, wasn’t very happy with his meat either. Almost half of the steak was fat and he wasn’t happy about it. His exact words were, “Wala kang makain.” I think he was a bit harsh but hey, can’t blame him.


If there was one dish we were all unanimously happy about, it was the Sole Amandine. The fish was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious, heck even the veggies were delicious. I highly recommend this dish.


For dessert, we had Borough’s famous Mom’s Milk and Cookies. They were freshly baked little goodies served with milk. The presentation was so adorable! The cookies were very soft and very sweet, but the milk somehow balanced it on the tongue. You definitely shouldn’t leave this resto without ordering this.

Although there were some misses, I think Borough is still worth visiting. I’m planning to have one of their burgers the next time I drop by. You should too! Just don’t order the steak.


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