BLT Burger HongKong

BLT Burger 3

We were shopping in Harbour City when we suddenly had a craving for burger, and we heard that BLT Burger was one of the best in the city so we decided to give it a try. Their menu was a bit more pricey compared to other burger joints but I suppose it’s because of their signature Angus beef.
 BLT Burger 1BLT Burger 4The restaurant was very clean and its interior looked very American. They also had a table filled with pastries. Although we didn’t try one, the cupcakes surely looked delicious!BLT Burger 2

We ordered The Classic (7 oz. Grilled Certified Angus Beef $78HK/Php429), BLT (7 oz. Grilled CAB Burger, Double Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, BLT Burger Sauce $98HK/Php539) and Australian Wagyu (7 oz. Grilled Ningaloo Farm Australian Wagyu Beef Burger $118HK/Php649).

There were three types of fries available so we chose Skinny, Waffle and Fat fries respectively for variety. The meal came with coleslaw and a glass of soda (of your choice). I was satisfied with the burgers, but I wasn’t that overjoyed. Everything was delicious but nothing exceptionally noteworthy. I didn’t find much difference between the tastes of the Classic, BLT and Australian Wagyu beefs. I guess it’s true that you lose the special quality of beef once its grounded, even if it’s Wagyu.

Will I come back here the next time I visit HK? Probably, but only if I’m craving for it. The waffle fries were really good BTW. I wish I tried their famous milkshake too (definitely next time).


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