Bangkok 2011: Day 2×2

For our second stop in our Bangkok city tour, we went to the Wat Benchamabophit, also famously known as The Marble Temple. Our guide told us that this was one of Thailand’s most beautiful temples and it’s quite obvious why. It’s a gorgeous Architectural masterpiece. Believe me when I say the photos doesn’t do it justice.

This temple was really photogenic from all angles, and the colors were just divine. This shot was my only single (almost) tourist-free shot. It was a constant battle trying to capture the whole structure without tourists blocking it. Who can blame them? The temple is gorgeous!

We got to go inside the temple complex and of course the inside was just as beautiful. When we got there, there was an ordination going on. It was very interesting to witness how monks were ordained. I come from a predominantly Catholic-Christian country so Buddhist practices are totally alien to me. I just had to take a closer shot.

Outside the temple, there was a wide garden where you could stroll around and take pictures. Pink is one of my favorite colors so I couldn’t help but squeak like a little girl when I saw this bridge. I just couldn’t resist a photo-op! Sadly, I wasn’t able to explore the rest of the grounds because we had a tight tour schedule, but it was fine. Seeing the Marble Temple alone was worth it.

On our way home, we passed by Thailand’s beautiful parliament building. I was lucky to have managed a shot while on a moving cab. Our next stop was the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Thailand’s tallest building.

Check out the floors on that elevator! Baiyoke has a total of 85 floors. It’s the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia and the fourth tallest all-hotel structure in the world. We got a really nice view of the city from here. It has all the regular hotel amenities, plus a golf range and a mini-mart.

And that’s about it for our city tour! We spent the rest of the day shopping until around 8PM (the malls here close really early). Even though the tour was short, we enjoyed it a lot. My sister and I were extra thankful for the additional free hours because we were able to shop more. Our third day was supposed to be for the Chao Phrya River Cruise, unfortunately the cruise was cancelled because of the flood so we just spent our day shopping our hearts out. However, I will be blogging an in-depth post about this really nice restaurant we went to on our third night. Until then!


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