Bangkok 2011: Day 2×1

For our second day in Bangkok, we had a short city tour. The trip started around eight in the morning so we had our breakfast at the hotel. Bangkok may be known as one of the worlds greatest shopping capitals but it is also a melting pot of rich culture, history and Architecture.
First Stop: What Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Our tour guide told us that Buddha died lying this way. This image was incredibly huge, but what amazed me more was the temple that housed it.

This temple was amazing. See all those intricate prints on the wall? They’re hand-painted. All of them. Can you believe that?

Aside from being one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions, this was also an actual functioning temple. We were asked to observe strict silence whenever inside. It was an interesting glimpse on what monks did on an ordinary day.

Several halls were lined with these gorgeous Buddha images.  I’ve never seen so many Buddhas in my life!

Of course no trip is complete without obligatory wacky tourist shots! And that’s about it for our first tour stop. My next post will be about the gorgeous Marble Temple. Until then!


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