Bangkok 2011: Arrival

My family and I went to Bangkok for Halloween last 2011. Despite the news of the flood, we still went because everything was already booked. Surprisingly, there was no flood at all. Maybe the flood was not that grave at the city center, or maybe the news was just exaggerated. We were so glad we risked the trip!

This was our first trip to Thailand so I was a total tourist. Their cabs were so colorful! I can’t believe they had pink taxis!We stayed at the Bangkok Palace Hotel. It was just walking distance away from the Pratunam Shopping area. Too bad I wasn’t able to take much photos of the place because we were too busy shopping. Hong Kong is a shopping haven, but Bangkok is a shopping heaven! It’s definitely the best shopping destination in Asia for young people like me. Everything was unbelievably cheap. You can buy decent mall-worthy clothes for just 100 Baht (about 150php). We bought so much, our purchases nearly didn’t fit our suitcases. (TIP: When you go to Bangkok to shop, make sure to bring one empty suitcase so you won’t have any trouble packing your purchases home.)

One great thing about Bangkok is that you can find a Thai spa establishment on almost every corner. It’s literally everywhere! So if you want an authentic Thai massage experience, you can get one anytime and anywhere you want it. Just check and compare the rates of each store before you decide so you could get the best deal. Warning: authentic Thai massage can really stretch you!


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